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Frank Taylor

To get back on topic: even if private cars were banned from Westmoreland St, the road would still be handling a huge volume of buses and would be in no sense ‘pedestrianised’. If some means were found to remove buses and taxis, the street would still be too wide for a successful pedestrian environment. Compare its 30m width to Grafton or Henry Street with 12-14m widths. Ignoring the WSC heritage, the street would work better for pedestrians with a narrow row of 4-storey buildings down the centre. Pedestrian streets work better when they have a certain cosiness about them, when the buildings on either side are not much further apart than the walls of a large room.

On-street trams might look nice and give you a feeling of living in a modern city but trains don’t mix well with pedestrians. You have the same stress of crossing at junctions and you can’t let your young children walk beside you as you can in a fully pedestrian environment like Henry street. If you have lived in Amsterdam or Zurich where trams work well from a transport point of view, you will know the downside of losing the freedom to wander without fear of being splatted by ‘light’ rail.

So full pedstrianisation is a long way off, but a possible compromise is removal of cars, widening of footpaths, a bus lane and a light rail track.

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