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a boyle

the grade seperation is not currently needed as you point out . the current plans allow for 16 trains per hour. However full grade seperation will allow for 40 trains per hour over the next century.

In short the interconnector allows for an increase of capacity of 75 million initially with the possiblity of increasing it passed 150 million

The under ground tram expect to carry 30 million in twenty years. You tell me which is a better idea the metro north (25) OR the interconnector + tram + bus (75 mill + 10000 per hour)

The metro north carries fewer people to fewer places more slowly for the same amount of money. Are you a painter/artist/musician because only such a person could forgiven for not understanding numbers.

The trams are may be a bit wider but there is only two of them as against 8 dart carriages. so to repeat it 600 against 2500 per service.

Despite what the inquiry says there is no need to provide improve the luas extension for the next decade. Because the current tram set can run at five minute intervals from carrickmines to the city , suplemented by other tram starting at sandyford to give a 2.5 minute frequency between sandyford and town and five minute frequency between carrickmines and town.

You have consistently ignored that having provided a network of 7 trams you can then reasonably bring their frequencies up to 1.5 /2 minutes. Thereby getting a large increase in capacity without blowing money on a white elephant ,which is what the metro north is.

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