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@a boyle wrote:

the current luas lines can have it’s capacity doubled if city centres car restrictions are put in place that will be enough Because forcing a single change for the commuters from maynooth allow the current capacity to quadruple (in conjunction with the interconnector) it is fair and reasonable.

It is not fair and reasonable to dump existing users to distant locations] spencer dock is only half grade seperated. If it is made fully grade seperated there is potential for 100 thousand per hour per direction which is impressive compared with the underground tram that tops out at 25 thousand. [/QUOTE]

It does not require full grade seperation because both the Midland and Drumcoundra line branch off before the Newcommen Curve to Spencer Dock from the Northern Line; a line I am beginning to wonder if you have ever been on.

What are you talking about ? the ninety metre trams is what the rpa want to build to the airport : two trams stuck back to back. A phenomenal waste of a tunnel.

Associates advise that the rolling stock will be closer to the tube than Luas which makes the Cherrywood extension all the more ludicrous as the metro rolling stock will not be compatable with the Vodafone U-bend

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