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Rory W

It amazes me that whenever high rise (anything over 4 storeys) is mentioned it’s always the same old Ballymun rubbish is trotted out. No-one mentions Ardoyne House in Donnybrook (11 storeys I think and the only social problem seems to be running low on tonic for G&Ts) or the Millenium Tower at the Grand Canal Harbour where people seem to be able to live perfectly fine as well.

The example of Sandyford is given as to “Oh my God It’s 23 stories tall” – it’s hardly a ghetto at Beacon South Quarter, people want to live there because it’s in the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown area and has the Luas link to the city centre. Is’nt it better that this area is developed for accomodation and consign the offices elsewhere/further out rather than people having to car commute. A similar thing can happen in Swords with the metro once the planning is clearly thought out.

I’d sooner live in Swords in a good family sized apartment and get the metro than have to commute in from somewhere like Kells, and no I wouldn’t do it on a bus – the traffic is just too bad out there.

As a northern line commuter the spur to the airport off the Dart line is a non runner – the line is at capacity already at peak time and this would only make things worse (particularly when the interconnector is finished). The only way that a decent link to the airport is created (a la Heathrow) is to build the metro – don’t forget it is possible to run express metros to the airport as well.

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