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Well there was a rash of activity about College Green yesterday but unfortunately the sum of all these parts fails to deliver the quality space we are all seeking.

The scaffold is now down on the former Bank of Ireland building to reveal a pristine facade. The landing to the front of the building has been redesigned to provide a wheelchair ramp and the ornamental lighting to the front is being refurbished. I hear that the store will open in November just in time for the build-up to Christmas

Next door, Dubarry’s is under wraps but seems to be getting a buttery yellow paint to the front. I also imagine they will open in November.

While Sierra and Richard Whatshisname are doing the sporadic (and not particularly good quality in my view) pavement works about the city at the moment, including along Dame Street, it was a DCC team that were doing the pavement works in front of the A&F store yesterday. Unfortunately, there is no change to the width of the pavement, no re-alignment at that uncomfortable pinch point in front of Books Upstairs, the random bollards are all being put back in – randomly, no rationalisation of the bus stops. The usual missed opportunity.

DCC Lighting are still tapping away at their lighting scheme…over a year later. Its absolutely ridiculous. I would also hazard a guess that it will remain ‘uncompleted’…it looks like a couple of proposed locations have been repaved over (in front of Ulster Bank and in front of Trinity close to the Provost House). Trinity are also still missing their front lamps.

No effort to reduce clutter and acquired crap about the space…phone boxes, telecom cabinets, signage. The trees are still an issue and continue to languish in their ugly tarmac bases…I wonder will they be removed with the Luas works?

Poor old College Green!

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