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Yep, just incredible. It defies reason.

Should anybody hold the slightest doubt that the recent cack-handed treatment of College Green may just be an irrelevant conservation or heritage issue for those who get upset about such matters, amongst the many other developments yet to feature here include this brand new stretch of paving outside Trinity College on College Street. A previously near-straight run of antique granite sweeping around from College Green to the junction with the concrete paving after the pedestrian crossing at the top of the picture, an expanse of historic paving, probably along with the original pedestrian crossing tiles, has since been removed and replaced with modern granite. Why on earth was historic granite not put back?

A miserable scrap of antique granite paving is now left stranded further up. Baffling.

If there is the faintest virtue to this particular mess, it is that the granite chosen here is vaguely rust-toned in the Dublin tradition, if still whiter. I wonder where it was sourced. It could be very attractive used on a large scale such as around the Green or Dawson Street.

But absolutely incredibly, this too, even as good quality modern granite (not that it should be here at all) has been utterly mauled. This was it the evening it was laid with fine, elegant, crisp joints.

This is what was done to it a day later!

I kid you not. Cement strap pointing across the board, including over some of the historic granite.

This is an absolute scandal that public money, invested in expensive public assets, is being completely wasted with the most appalling standards of workmanship. Is this what DCC claims: The quality of the work was monitored and checked and we’re satisfied with the finish on it?

Shocking, shocking stuff. And of course a classic instance of where the visually-impaired’s mobility is, very simply, impaired.

‘Disability improvements’ indeed.

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