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To mark the opening of Bus Gate today, let us remind ourselves of the spectacular botchwork at Dublin’s foremost architectural ensemble again.

It’s been in the paper twice. The elected councillors have been filled in. An Taisce and the Irish Georgian Society have both lodged complaints to DCC about it, copying to various sections (conservation, heritage, architects and engineers), and now the Dublin Civic Trust have put their oar in. But still no backdown from DCC, from their spokesman on the Last Word today when it was put to him. He glossed over with some ‘requirement of integration’ guff.

During work. That Sierra crowd who did the work are brutes …. jack of all trades and master of none …
(But of course the blame for the whole horror lies firmly with DCC.)

During work.

The finished job; white granite added in to the historic yellow pavement and a big awkward red-tile platform.

New white granite casually thrown in in front of one of the most important 18th century classical buildings in Europe. I didn’t think it was possible to be shocked anymore …

And cement strap-pointed.

While the red studded-tile platforms at the road crossings at Trinity and the BOI were there in some form previously – I think they’ve just been enlarged (and renewed) – the ones here at the entrance & exit to the BOI forecourt are ‘virgin’, and the justification for them is frankly ludicrous: the BOI forecourt has parking space for a handful of vehicles and is only open during banking hours Mon-Fri; the small number of vehicle movements thus generated puts the onus for caution moving in and out of the forecourt firmly on the vehicle. But instead irreplaceable old granite has been cut out and unecessary studded tiles put in at an angle. Words fail me ..

Also, note that insertion of crossing-point tiles in this location was NOT indicated on the proposed Bus Gate map plan, as originally linked by missarchi:

The National Council for the Blind insist on these platforms at every crossing. The solution, from a conservation perspective, is use of steel studs (like has been used in some locations in the context of the modern paving scheme on O’Connelll Street), though this is apparently not acceptable to them. They want red tiles or nothing.

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