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Dallas, as Stephen quite rightly pointed out, this isn’t necessarily anything to do with Starbucks itself, or ideed anything ‘anti-American’. There’s a wider issue here which concerns the use of prime city-centre locations for tacky shops, such as convenience stores, or mega chain stores. And while Starbucks itself may not have any other outlets in the city centre for the moment, there are already dozens upon dozens of coffee shops in the city centre. Again, as I keep on saying, having a Starbucks on Fosters Place doesn’t really help with the Council’s plan of diversifying the retail mix which the city centre offers. A good selection of high quality shops/restaurants is what is needed to keep the city centre thriving and ward off the competition posed by out-of-town shopping centres (which by the way offer an amazing selection of restaurants and clothing stores).
Dallas, you also say that – ‘I would be challenged to find a part of the city centre not graced with an O’Brien’s. It’s totally hypocritical (and very Irish!) to get all upset over the arrival of Starbucks when infact we’ve done quite a good job creating our very own version.’

Is this not therefore a perfect reason to make sure that we don’t worsen the situation by allowing Starbucks/coffee chains to do the same all over again?

As for what should go there, I think a high-quality, up-market clothing store would be perfect. Practically every major fashion label in Europe is trying to get a presence in the Irish market, so I’m sure any number of takers could be found.

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