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Fully agreed jimg regarding traders’ concerns about access to the city – limiting access to College Green is not going to stop shoppers coming into town. Rather, I just mentioned this in the context of the impressive insight some traders and politicians displayed in relation to the importance of a quality public realm and the impact of Bus Gate on this. But a ‘more efficient’ movement of buses through College Green, as I see it, means more opportunity for a wall of buses to clog the space. Indeed by definition, the removal of the dilution afforded by private cars will result in the cells of traffic passing through being dominated by buses relative to the current scenario. As regards Dublin Bus’s fleet being reduced, at the very least this will only be sustained for a year or two – it is not a long-term solution, whereas Bus Gate has the potential to be. The taxi fleet is also ever-expanding to insane levels. But the net effects either way are so arbitrary to the average punter that we might as well give it a trial run, as is being rolled out.

The new crossing at the Trinity side of College Street, moved eastwards and made substantially wider. Alas, those crossing tiles are not buff coloured, but entirely unnecessary garish red, coated in dust.

The few pieces of antique paving uplifted during the work.

And as just reinstated awaiting repointing.

(don’t get me started on the logic of joints there)

The vast area of the island being dug up right now. Appallingly insensitive treatment of the city’s vernacular tarmaced surfaces!

Below was taken before the above works had extended, but the amount of municipal tat clogging the island is something else. All of this should be wiped clean, including the trees.

The current head-on view of the portico of the House of Lords. I risked my life attempting to get it.

Just shameful. Interestingly though, the Moore statue is not on axis with the portico, addressing it as it does at a slight angle from left of centre. Quite odd given there was ample room to make him such originally.

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