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I agree that that type of objection has no standing and is based on emotive versus logical arguments; my one concern with any application for this site would be how the proposed changes would effect the setting of Fosters Place and College Green. This building is at a pivotal point and it is essential that the highest standards are applied to the shop front, any external furniture and the lighting used must be sensitive to the very high grade setting of Fosters Place.

Fosters Place is one of the few locations in Dublin that has retained a very strong sense of its period and to that end I think that the designation as a restaurant is probably the best possible use, I do feel that it could be possible to accomodate Starbucks at this location but that a number of very clear conditions would need to be attached to the way it is permitted to interact with the street.

Particular areas of concern would be:

1> Shopfront design
2> Signage design
3> Signage lighting
4> Access
5> Potential external furniture
6> Internal illuminated window signage
7> Restrictions on what is placed on the windows or in the windows (promo materials)
8> Materials for all of the above

The taxi situation on Foster Place must also be examined independent of this application. I have said this before but in my opinion a win win situation exists; namely establish a rank at the Foggy Dew to the side of the central bank with the build up of cabs going around the rear of the bank and in extreme circumstances back as far the front entrance of blooms hotel.

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