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@gunter wrote:

Trams everywhere have horns that blast you out of it when you’re trying to get a good photograph of something else, it goes with the territory …

Sure, i just don’t see it as a desireable component of any future public space at college green, which i would hope would be a pleasant space for pedestrians to potter around, without the likelihood of being clocked by a tram or being blasted out of it.

(I take it you’re conceding then that luas does not have a calming effect on streets generally & particularly pedestrian crossings ! :D)

@gunter wrote:

I think the reason for this is that the route chozen is a series of back streets which had bugger all commercial development on them before Luas, and now, because of the narrowness of the carriageways, they have more the characteristics of a railway cutting than primary arterial public transportation corridors, or whatever the phrase is.

Perpahs we’re both overstating the potential for luas to galvanise the regeneration of an area – as feck all has happened on the wider stretches of the city centre corridor either. Abbey St. is a good example, aside from what Arnotts have planned for Middle Abbey (which would have happened whether luas was there or not) little or nothing has happened on Lower Abbey.

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