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@ctesiphon wrote:

Not just that, has anyone actually taken the Red Line recently? The entire city centre corridor until Heuston seems more blighted than reinvigorated.

Without an actual plan designed to capitalise on the potential opportunities brought about by the introduction of a Luas corridor to a city centre route, the latent regeneration benefits will not materialise and will accrue elsewhere. The market seems to be saying as much, at any rate. No?

@Peter Fitz wrote:

Yes surprisingly litle has happened with this stretch since the introduction of luas & not much in the pipeline either it seems.

I think the reason for this is that the route chozen is a series of back streets which had bugger all commercial development on them before Luas, and now, because of the narrowness of the carriageways, they have more the characteristics of a railway cutting than primary arterial public transportation corridors, or whatever the phrase is.

Every other city: The trams go down the main busy commercial arterial routes, I’m not wrong about this. Trams everywhere have horns that blast you out of it when you’re trying to get a good photograph of something else, it goes with the territory, wasn’t Gaudi killed by a tram?

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