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@GrahamH wrote:

Very simply, any ambitious plans for the College Green, College Street and indeed O’Connell Bridge centres will be turned to watered-down dishwater should these spaces be subject to the extent of cabling, poles, platforms and all other attendant paraphernalia that the Luas travels with. It is utterly inexcusable on College Green, offensive crossing the Liffey and O’Connell Street, and at best highly undesirable along the other major thoroughfares. One need only look at the disaster of Middle Abbey Street to observe what is in store for the coherence of Westmoreland Street. And what’s more, I suspect this entire issue will only rear its head in typical Irish planning Taraesque style, once the project has begun (if ever). Now is the time to make these critical decisions.

@missarchi wrote:

And he (the chief architect from the RPA) said the 15km Al Safooh light rail system will be the first in the world to have no overhead wires. Instead a “third rail” — or power supply built into the track bed — will be used to minimise the visual effect.

I got a sneak look at a document entitled ‘Draft Dublin City Council’s Submission to the RPA, on Luas Line F’ and in it, there are some grounds for hope.

Of Dame St. / College Green it says:

Within Dame Street / College Green the Heritage Officer of DCC must be consulted on the status and remaking of College Green as a ‘Civic Space’ and a Civic Space Framework Plan should be prepared by the RPA in conjunction with DCC. As Trinity Street will in future be the last point of access to this area for general traffic, other than public transport, it is recommended that the last stop for Line F be located just west of the Foster Place South/Church Lane junction (with an emergency turn back point for cars). Beyond that point an engineering link only to the Luas line BX track would be feasible.’

OK, one paragraph in a draft submission may not herald the new dawn, but the encouraging thing is that at least DCC are conscious of the ‘Civic Space’ issues and they seem to be pro-actively engaged with the RPA this time, whereas they seemed to stand aloof from the whole Luas planning thing, the last time round.

On missarchi’s point, we have been hearing about this ‘third rail’ solution for some time now and it does appear to be the answer to the over-head clutter concern.

Like cgcsb, It seems improbable to me that Line F won’t end up being extended eastward to the south docks, or Poolbeg ultimately, and it would seem insane, but hardly unprecedented, to be planning College Green as a tram cul-de-sac.

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