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@Busman wrote:

I think it is a pity that the LUAS is going to be shoehorned into College Green and O’Connell Street, alongside the buses and all the other traffic, as if some of the buses will somehow disappear with the arrival of the LUAS.

The fact is, all this discourse is for nothing if the LUAS goes through as planned.

I am all for digging up College Green and O’Connell Street and running a Metro below ground, but I think the LUAS is going to have too much dominance in an area where pedestrians should have priority, and the very fact of LUAS running through such a congested area, will negate any efficiencies in terms of speed and reliability that might otherwise accrue to a light rail system. The Red Line is a perfect example of this. We are pursuing a single minded path regardless of any lessons that might be learned from past mistakes.

Everything you’ve said about the buses seems to be incontestable, and far more researched and rational than anything I’ve heard before on the subject. I guess your not called Busman for nothing 🙂 (second smiley face in 6 months)

On the Luas, while I accept that it compromises the level of full pedestrianisation that can be achieved on a given street or square, to begin to reject the Luas on these kinds of grounds, for not doing enough to civilize the city, is just a step too far for me.

I agree that we would add to the chaos, if we just added Luas into the mix at a place like College Green, but if there was a real dedication to getting rid of everything else, I think that could still work.

I thought that this was pretty much the vision of them in charge; trucks gone, cars banned from next spring, buses and taxis to follow ? when Luas BX and Luas F arrive, some time after we’re all dead.

@Peter Fitz wrote:

I’d dispute that there is any necessity to run luas lines through college green with multiple alternative routes available, but concede this is the lazy, shortsighted option we are likely to get.

I don’t know which routes you’re suggesting, I can’t find good alternative routes, that’s the problem. Bearing in mind that if you pick a route that has a high loading of traffic, including bus traffic, already on it, like the Quays for example, the bulk of this displaced traffic will have to be accommodated on an alternative route and one travelling in much the same direction.

I’m already not comfortable with the existing Luas trams avoiding thoroughfares in favour of going down narrow side streets like Benburb street, it just doesn’t feel right.

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