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@GrahamH wrote:

Opening up the grounds of the Chief Steward’s house is an interesting concept notjim, though I don’t think I’d go as far as incorporating its space into a public square, not least as the elevation of the Trinity accommodation block is unresolved and faced in rubble stone

Not sure I’d go along with that assessment of the stonework Graham. Agreed, it’s not the granite ashlar of the corresponding elevation facing the Provost’s side, but it’s hardly ‘random rubble’ and a little bit of TLC and lime pointing would bring it up a treat. Have you seen the way the dog rough stonework on the base of the Minot tower is coming up biblical quality once they knocked out the cement pointing.

I didn’t pick a great day to go out and photograph this.

Your Google Sky shot shows that there’s definitely the makings of a great urban square here if the Trinity triangle could be added in to the College Street traffic island triangle. There’s even a nice contemporary architectural opportunity to firm up the Dining Hall extension corner behind the chapel. The Chief Steward’s house would be a great little random object in the square, as information point/cafe etc.

Obviously stuff like this, or even the front railings, would require a big leap of faith for an old school establishment like Trinity, but there would be huge commercial possibilities too that are currently passing them by. Prime city centre revenue generating opportunities are not that easy to come by and, as much as I love the creaky floored little student shop, with new pedestrian square frontage, Trinity could be creaming it with public cafes and merchandising units, for the loss of just a few ground floor stundent rooms and offices.

@Peter Fitz wrote:

Agreed, the space in front of the east portico is quite substantial, and could make for a fine ‘waiting room’, it deserves a little more than trees & toilets.

That’s the point, we’re not talking about an alternative to restoring a sense civic grandeur to College Green, but a second contiguous space that would be complementary to it, given that College Green will necessarily be criss-crossed by Luas lines etc. that must limit it’s capacity for pedestrianisation.

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