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@johnglas wrote:

I’m not saying there aren’t any, but it is striking how there is no one civic space that could be called the ‘centre’ of Dublin. If you want a big political demonstration, where would you go?

The fact that College Green is the only space in this city that can adequately fill that role, makes its current state all the more depressing. This confluence of streets is the obvious heart of Dublin.

Given its relatively tight proportions compared to a typical european piazza, I absolutely disagree with the notion that any future piazza style space could be successfully coupled with some sort of public transport hub, with two luas lines & a fleet of buses hurtling through. It does however seem like an obvious location for a metro station.

Luas, great and all as it is, can impact negatively on our finer civic spaces, becoming the focus of a street, while obviously having potential to greatly enhance a substandard urban environment & kick start regeneration.

If ever CG is to be adequately transformed, full pedestrianisation is essential. In the context of the overall space available, the impact of removing the trinity railings would be relativey minor set against the positive impact removal of the boi railings would afford the green. For what its worth, I wouldn’t be too precious about the railings, as fine as they are, & would consider removal as part of a reworking of the entire space.

It seems like the state of College Green has been an active topic on archiseek since its inception, what a shame that a landscape masterplan doesn’t even seem to be on the distant horizon.

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