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Ah he’s been on a tangent about Grafton Street since day one.

I find it all quite disturbing that a bunch of suburbanite TDs who come into the city for Dáil sittings and a frolic of a Sunday afternoon before Christmas who listen to the grand projets of a handful of quango invitees to their sittings, are making decisions that affect the very grain of a city of which they know absolutely nothing about. These decisions to slap a bridge here, a temporary crossing there, and a stack of extra buses pouring into the city have serious consequences both for the appearance and livability of the city core.

Given the emphasis on improvements to College Green in news reporting, what would make a world of difference in the morning if the will was there would be to pave/colour tarmac all or the majority of the roads to the centre of College Green, moving all lights back out of the central zone of current crossings, thus effectively freezing the entire central area when lights turn green for the pedestrian, instead of this ridiculous them-against-us ranking up against the numerous stopping lines. At the very least current crossings need to be made substantially more commodious.

The chaos of the current College Green is absolutely farcical – why even the most basic of measures to improve the lot of the pedestrian are not implemented here is utterly beyond me. Yet another example of waiting upon a bells and whistles scheme before anything even approaching common sense gets implemented.

And incidentally, the primary driver for short pedestrian lights sequences is not the private car in the city core – it’s increasingly the demands of buses and their timetabling. How this is set to improve with even more of them in the centre I’d like to see.

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