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In relation to the Fleet St carpark there is no reason why access could not be provided from Prices Place (Behind Bewleys) inbound and Fleet St and the turn just before the Elephant & Castle outbound.

The critical cut off point for me is Trinity St if you cut off the flows from Trinity St into College Green in both directions the amount of traffic that would use Dame St would reduce to a very managable trickle.

In relation to three underground/elevated routes these are all planned with the existing DART line, providing a North South Route, the planned Interconnector offering an east west route and the Metro providing an additional North South Route.

Dublin is a relatively small City by International standards and I am not so sure that any further heavy rail lines in the City Centre are required.

What would be better is to simply expand the Luas network and the real crunch point is not College Green but Nassau Street, instead of linking the Luas lines in a direct route an alternative route should be found either East to the docklands from Adelaide Road or West to Christchurch or Georges St from either Harcourt St or Camden Street.

Given the slippage in delivery of the Luas link up it will only be a year or two ahead of metro if the 2012 timescale is to be believed. The next move must be for the metro delivery date to be clarified.

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