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a boyle
hutton wrote:
You have me sold on it anyway. Remove the outgoing bus stop outside the Provosts House and replace the taxi/loading rank with inbound stops – these would make up for the loss of stops on Suffolk St.

Next off – remove at least one traffic lane on both Westmoreland and D’Olier Sts, and put in place purpose built bus bays. Imo the bus areas should be on the left side of each of the streets, with a median seperating them from the rest of the traffic]

You need a top down approach to the city center. let me explain.

Start by cutting the inner city into squares that have only one access in and out (cul de sacs if you will).

These are pretty obvious : the entire space between grafton street and merrion square would only be accessed through a two way nassau street. The space between grafton street and georges street accessed by dame street and exchequer street only (in other words set up a big roundabout: enter exchequer street and exit on dame street.) The north side is pretty much fine although car should be moved east from gardiner street, and north from parnell square.

With that done have a single lane outbound for car from college green upto christchurch, and a single lane inbound on aungier/wexford and georges street.

Next you need three sets of parrallel bus bays , with little traffic islands . These could be nicely covered with canvas type shelters (a bit like the connolly luas stop). So there would be a set on westmoreland street , a set on nassau and a set on the dame street .

Then as suggested earlier pedestrianise suffolk street. Create a two way route in front of trinity , and a two way route in front of the bank of ireland. The other rather large section in front of ulsterbank / habitat would then be pedestrianised (obviously cutting down the retarded trees that get in the way).

The next essential move is to take away all , ALL bus stop within a fifteen minute walk in any direction. So there ought to be no stops on o’connell, (not till you get to parnell square or parnell street).

Of course this means routing the luas around the back of trinners and joining it to the dart. This is a good idea as it would link rail to light rail. Then the luas would head straight for d’olier street , keeping to the left hand side . This would complement the irish times moving and trinity’s effort to redevelop pearse street. It would also reconnect pearse street back into the wide street commision original idea of three boulevards joining in the centre of the city.

There is more … but chew on that for now.

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