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a boyle

@StephenC wrote:

Yes the bus stops here are definately badly placed as anyone trying to get by the queues on this narrow stretch of pavement would be aware.

It might work, its true that there are two lanes here. It would mean Molly has to move…and the man with the little leprauchans that dance to diddly eye music. 😀

However I dont see how it would improve the situation on College Green…or are you advocating closing off the right turn down Dame Street at Trinity? Even then what about eastbound traffic? Still left with a traffic island.

No this was not trying to improve traffic. The traffic situation would be exactly the same but suffolk street is freed up for pedestrians , and the roads space is used more efficiently- — > one road doing the same as two roads did before.

Were i proposing to improve traffic: i would seriously consider banning all traffic save buses from college green. I have noticed my self where ever you are going , you don’t need to use college green, if you change your route when you are in the vicinity of the canals.

That would be a pretty ballsy thing for the council to do. But what interesting is that in the next ten years it is the buses and only the buses that will be able to improve traffic in the city , nothwithstanding my perpetually row with thomond over rail infrastructure. Freeing up college green would wipe precious minutes of all the bus route in the city.

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