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Originally posted by notjim
did you read this article:

the cool thing is they are intending to make a pedestrian crossing the whole width of the square.

can we have this for college green and for the o’connell st plaza?

I don’t see how this could work.

Lothian Rd is the Edinburgh equivalent of Dame street, it’s the second busiest thoroughfare in the city. Are they planning on placing traffic light at each end of the square or just at one point? Either way, it would make the plaza completely redundant because of the volume of traffic that goes through there, unlike O’C street where they have restricted traffic to busses and taxis, blocking traffic to make use of the proposed plaza would seriously disrupt traffic here, I’ve seen what it’s like during the war protests last year.

As for proposed public spaces in Dublin, we NEED more of them. O’C plaza is all well and good but I can’t see myself going into town and chilling there just yet! Take a look at the amount of public spaces in Glasgow, it’s shocking.

Convert the top of Grafton Street / Stephen’s Green into public space

Pedestrianise Exchequer St, Dury St, William St, Clarendon St & Chatam Row, Stephen St. and remove the three car parks in that area.

Somewhere on Dame St., have a plaza of similar size to O’C plaza to allow the large volume of pedestrians to get from Grafton to Templebar.

It would be great to see the whole College Green area turned into a plaza but I can’t see it happening anytime soon.

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