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@Radioactiveman wrote:

An interesting proposal here to develop a (very) long disused site on Cornmarket Street, across from the new Cornmarket Centre and adjacent to the market buildings now housing ‘The Loft’ furniture store and the ‘new’ Bodega.
The site fronts on to the Coal Quay and also fronts a large portion of Portney’s Lane – leading onto North Main Street. Lots of protected buildings, underlying archaeology, etc.

The development itself is for a blatantly ‘modern’ three storey building consisting of retail at ground and first floor with office on top. In such a setting, I’m not convinced this is the right approach. It seems to over-impose itself on the loft when viewed from the south. The site certainly could benefit from development, as could its a mirror-image site across Portney’s Lane (visible in the photomontage). The architect is Paud O’Mahony.

Any thoughts?

What is it exactly as if it commercial / retail where will the signage go ?

Its trying a bit too hard to be different but a good stab at it anyway.
Hopefully the site on the other side of th e Lane will be re-developed also.

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