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Thanks for all that Prax interesting stuff.

@Praxiteles wrote:

Craowe’s actions are attributed to distaste at an annual pilgrimage or pattern where the pious prayed at the saint’s tomb. The building was said to have been reduced almost to ground level and what had been dug up from the interior carted off to Ballycroneen and thrown into the sea.

A terrible shame that.

I know it’s not the only example, but it is very peculiar to see the original cathedral precinct now embedded in the village, with the round tower on one of the streets amid modern housing! – totally different to the situations at Cashel, Kilkenny, Kells, etc. I would love to see the tower renovated and opened to visitors right to the top, along with some improvements to the cathedral. It”d be quite an attraction.

Just a small thing I noticed was the plastering right over of the quoins of the nave pillars, which I would have thought, would have been left bare- unless the original fabric was so much altered over time- anybody know if these are actually the original sturdy medieval piers ?

e.g. in Youghal you have this;


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