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Innovate and improve or die! This must be the mantra now for the city’s struggling retailers. Its not simply enough anymore to slap up a cheap shopfront, never clean or present your business properly, make-do with an outmoded interior and poor merchandising and then simply hope they keep coming.

There are many great things about Clerys but the store has become increasingly outmoded in recent years and lost its way on who it was trying to attract. The focus on franchises, many of which are established in their own better stores elsewhere in the city centre, and the lack of fresh thinking and ideas have meant that Clerys offers nothing distinctive or different to consumers.

What is hilarious to listen to is the commentary this morning…reminiscent of Bewleys. “Aaah jaysus…is it closin’….aah jaysus. I havent shopped there since 1972 but its a great Dublin instutution”.

Clerys is to remain open and hopefully to see a revival in its fortune. The smaller chaotic Guineys store located in an increasingly derelict building on Talbot Street closed yesterday.

Michael Guineys of the brash tangerine orange shopfront fame remains unaffected.

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