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Probably the most delightful features of the building are these elegant wreath and head motifs.

Again a feature of Selfridges, but apt in the Dublin context.
All of the heads are different.

This is the most endearing, hidden away on Sackville Place. It’s so peaceful, above all the hustle and bustle below.

The main entrance as featured on the architectural model is classically Edwardian, featuring a barrelled central display unit with flanking doors and curved sidelights.

Somewhat modest for such a large store, it was clearly designed for more reticent times…

The current entrance doors – soon to be removed – are good reproduction inserts with bevelled glass panes, probably dating from 1988. Alas they lack any depth or substance when seen from a distance: a mere unit inserted into a much larger void, with modern glazing and roller shutter overhead.

The famous Clerys clock also dates from around this time.

Needless to say the stories of thousands of couples meeting under the same clock down through the years rings just a little hollow – heritage lanterns with CFL bulbs weren’t quite de rigueur in 1922. Indeed ironically the only outward manifestation of modernity in the original design concept was this very timepiece; the original Clerys clock was quite a modern piece of design, with Art Deco references and illuminating ‘Clery’s Store’ panels.

It survived well into the 1960s, if not as late as the 1980s.

At least the original latticed support structure remains intact.

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