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It is certainly very stark for an otherwise classically inspired building, which is why a clear design statement inside made visible from the exterior is all the more important I think. The cosmetics hall immediately inside the doors could also do with a rearrangement in that respect. They used to have a fantastic Edwardian rounded display case in the central aisle up until recently (it comes and goes) that makes a very striking first impression, and lets face it helps conceal the view of the dingy 70s escalators – it too could be used more often.

There’s also another original feature intact in the window area in the form of a vaulted plaster ceiling that runs parallel to the windows, two arches deep. One of the arches extends to the width of the display area, with the second behind the screens in the store itself. Both are concealed by suspended ceilings, and alas will remain as such in the reordering. However the current low display ceilings will be raised to the full height of the windows, with the coloured-in upper panels made transparent once again, as below. This should make an enormous difference, especially with the ceilings scattered with spotlights. Currently they are suspended at the level of the horizontal glazing bar.

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