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@sw101 wrote:

i’m aware, i designed it in the early stages. haven’t seen anything on it since september though. anything you can release yet or will i have to demand it from the big man in HPA?

I have drawings of the all 4 elevations – but I’m afraid I can’t post them yet (also, not even my sometimes reliable scanner could fit the drawings adequately). If you give PH a shout he may make them available for viewing, but then again, you could always stop by the Model Farm Road – they have a viewing counter I’m sure.


:rolleyes: FINALLY, work has got a move on at Tom McCarthy’s (Tumblegate Ltd) Jacob’s Mill redevelopment along Father Matthew Quay – O’Flynn of Banteer have commenced gutting the insides of the former Mill after 50 years of neglect. Work by Joseph Lane & Son Ltd who HAD been designated as original contractor, was apparently left incomplete – so, yet again internal structural work must first begin before scaffolding scales its weary walls.

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