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a boyle

@Thomond Park wrote:

I do not consider a one hour Luas journey with potential change at Belgard to be acceptable public transport provision

you absolutely right . it is far from the city . However i am not sure that having one in the city is such a great idea either. i have seen 3 large conference centres in 3 american cities . All of them were redundant within 3/4 years because each one was outdone by a newer larger center. They also added nothing to the areas. When closed they are like empty prisons, large dead space. and when open they add little to the area as noone nearby has any business with the building . Those who do use the center don’t care about the area and are only there for the day.

If he really wants to build a conference center then let him , they are white elephants best left to the private sector. One built by the government can only dissapoint.

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