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@Thomond Park wrote:

Sorry I meant to say Alexandra Quay, there is a reference to Alexandra Dry – Dock, which is the only site that I can assume that you are talking about which would lead to a conference centre surrounded on one side by grain stores and the other by ro-ro freight ferries doesn’t exactly appeal plus its a long way from the City Centre and has no public transport existing or proposed and is accessed from Alexandra Road one of the least pedestrian freindly environments in Dublin. Its not a difficult choice between this and Spencer Dock, if only O’Rourke hadn’t interfered we’d have had a NCC in the RDS 5 or 6 years ago.

What is it in this Country, why can’t we just select a central site and build the damn thing?

Lets hope the Government never has the brain wave of hosting the Olympics! I agree with Thomand Park – I have alluded to it in different ways across a number of different threads. There are genuine problems in the way things are done in Ireland – whether it is the National Aquatic Centre, the completion of the M50, the price and duration of construction of a metro system, the lack of proper road infrastructure of international standard (with the exception of about 20km of M50, or however long it is, a rail link to the airport, a non-Dublin orientated national road and rail network ,etc, etc. Everything takes foru times as long to build as in other countries, costs 10 times as much, causes 40 times as much public controversy and 22.3 times as many tribunals 20 years after its all done. Is it our colonial past? Are we still not used to governing ourselves or are there other issues in the Irish psyche which prevented us from being the Romans or Greeks of the North Atlantic.

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