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Removal of aerodrome hangars ordered

19 July 2005 17:50
Companies under the control of businessman Jim Mansfield were ordered by the High Court today to remove unauthorised developments at Weston Aerodrome in Lucan, Dublin.

They were also ordered to pay the legal costs of the proceedings to South Dublin County Council.

In April, the court upheld a claim by the council that the bulk of the development work at the aerodrome was unauthorised except for a wastewater treatment plant.

The aerodrome was bought by Mr Mansfield for almost €13 million in 2003.

Today, Mr Justice Liam McKechnie gave Fallowvale Ltd and Weston Ltd three months to comply with his findings.

He ordered the removal of unauthorised hangars and held that a bungalow in the aerodrome should only be used for residential purposes.

In relation to two car parks, it was agreed that one of them would be for domestic use but the judge said that tarmacadam should be removed from the second and the area levelled with topsoil.

Three new complaints by the council were left over for a further court hearing. They relate to a kitchen cafe, the introduction of two portakabins and the alleged widening of the runway.

Court refuses order

The court refused to make an order which would have restrained any development on the land unless, and until, planning permission had first been obtained.

The judge said people have to act lawfully and embark on ventures outside that at their own risk.

He said there was merit in the council asking for this order but, being utterly generous to the respondents, he declined to make it in the present circumstances.


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