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@Rockflanders wrote:

Not much consistency in that. Alexandra Dock is indeed in Dublin and is the proposed site for the Conference Centre. Last waterfront site in Dublin in fact.

Sorry I meant to say Alexandra Quay, there is a reference to Alexandra Dry – Dock, which is the only site that I can assume that you are talking about which would lead to a conference centre surrounded on one side by grain stores and the other by ro-ro freight ferries doesn’t exactly appeal plus its a long way from the City Centre and has no public transport existing or proposed and is accessed from Alexandra Road one of the least pedestrian freindly environments in Dublin. Its not a difficult choice between this and Spencer Dock, if only O’Rourke hadn’t interfered we’d have had a NCC in the RDS 5 or 6 years ago.

What is it in this Country, why can’t we just select a central site and build the damn thing?

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