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@kefu wrote:

Frank, it’s in the “national interest” because Ireland is currently losing out on large-scale conferences.
A relative of mine wanted to bring a big science bash to Ireland but couldn’t because there wasn’t a suitably large venue. .

I presume your relative considered the Green Glens Arena in Millstreet as it is technically large enough to accomodate a large gathering]In general, it brings in a good type of tourist (not stags and hens) and also organisers tend to target off-peak times so there’ll be sufficient accomodation available and at decent prices. As a result, it brings more balance to the tourism industry.
You also get a lot of follow-up business – the people attending the conference are usually busy and only get a flavour of the city. If they like what they see, they will come back, usually with a family in tow.
That’s why so many countries will subsidise a loss-making conference centre – it’s the type of investment, which may not in itself make money, but will bring dozens of other tangible benefits.[/QUOTE]

I totally agree with this, I have often found that freinds will go to a conference have a great time in the host City and then their partner feeling a little left out will persaude them to return to the host City together.
I don’t however feel that a massive edge city hotel and conference centre would have suffcient vibrancy or character to draw people back except in a case of the same conference returning and that is not what could be described as a spin off.

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