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Paul Clerkin

@Graham Hickey wrote:

I am genuinely astounded that so many people thought this had any hint of credibility, don’t know whether to be sick with laughter or be thoroughly depressed (although the former has taken place regardless :D). Never even crossed my mind that it would be taken at face value!

…he says with a quiver in his voice šŸ™‚ – and this from the Master Prankster himself!

I mean really – is this what we have come to expect of developers in this country, have things really sunk so low?
Has people’s estimation of Irish planning hit rock bottom or is it just that of Mansfield?
Admittedly I’d probably have at least fallen for the sports centre anyway – but the palatial conference centre – with a Ming Dynasty roof?!

you see it has all the hallmarks i like to out into a fake news story
– it plays on your worst fears (in this case buildings designed with lego)
– it has some basis in fact
– it is plausible after some recent event (in this case rezoning)

and finally it is Ireland after all – anything can happen – Fr. Ted was a reality tv show

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