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Yes the Bord as the higher authority must consider the validity of the zoning which 99% of the time is well considered by the planners, maybe it is just a formality but nearly all Bord Plenalla decisions make reference to ‘having considered the zoning it is considered to be reasonable’ or something to that effect.

The rationale behind the rezoning according to Councillor Joe Hannon of FF was ‘if we don’t support the County, who will?’

Under that rationale it would be very difficult to grant planning permission for an important national facility on the basis of a DIMBY zoning. The previous decision has stated that any decision on the location of the National conference centre would be premature in advance of the National Conference Centre Location Study, which has not been published to date. The study is considering three locations none of which include Saggart. It goes without saying that a conference centre of this size would materially compromise the viability of any subsequent and correctly sited conference centre as selected by the current study group.

In this light it would be very easy for An Bord Plennala to refuse permission for failing to address the prior reasons for refusal, the Councillors in SDCC have made fools of themselves, particularly Joe Hannon I have never heard such a pathetic reasoning in all my life.

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