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The site is border-line I think, I’d find a tall building here much more acceptable were it not for the existance of George’s Quay and the proposed bulk of Tara St (in itself is a great piece of architecture), which combined will radically alter the nature of what I consider the historic city centre.

I know how po-faced it sounds and people may say such thinking is anti-progress etc, but I think there is an imaginary line drawn at the Matt Talbot that should be respected in height terms. I still can’t believe Tara St got permission – if the station wasn’t there to sweeten the development on density/access grounds, one maybe sure planners would have balked at a building of such a scale here. I very much doubt such a building would have been allowed in its mirror location across on Eden Quay (ignoring Liberty Hall & Custom House).

The prosposed building could be a positive contribution, if not a landmark building were it not for the presence of existing mid-risers – it could act as a gateway the Docklands.

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