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@Andrew Duffy wrote:

Whilst the George’s Quay and Tara St. Station buildings fit that description, I don’t think a modern 28 storey apartment building does. I also doubt if Dublin land prices will ever reach the levels required to make significantly taller buildings viable.

Is it all Resi?

It looks to me like 7 storeys of commercial and 21 storeys of Apartments, architecturally I like it, particularly the view from the IFSC, it is an interesting form.

Regarding the Custom House, my own fear is that the vista is already destroyed and the only real quality that remains is the view from Georges Quay looking towards the IFSC, which really is such a pity as it was arguably once the finest building in this City.

Personally with this one I’d like to see 12 storeys Commercial (11&1) and about the same again in apartments which would be close enough the height sought at present, in terms of design quality it is certainly adequate.

My own fear is that this site would be developed in a Georges Dock fashion

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