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That’s a very selective list of 13 projects, and I think, Greg, you’ve set out to prove the glass is half-empty. Taking a starting point of 1995 (the birth of the Celtic Tiger), you could include a lot of other things that have been done, such as the redevelopment of Dublin docklands, the new library in TCD, the national gallery extension, the aquatic centre, the M1 motorway, the bypassing of Kildare and points west, etc.
Yes things do take ages, but the more considered approach sometimes work. Do we really need a Metro? Does anyone other than Michael O’Leary really think that a second terminal in Dublin Airport is essential? on the Abbey, for example, far better to take ages and get it right than rush into another mistake

Ah yes …but these projects were mooted for ages , even before the Celtic Tiger. The saying then, pre Celtic Tiger was ”if only we had the money we could……”
A comparison, within the same time, besides rebuilding their rugby team and surpassing us, Wales have a massive National Stadium and an Opera House too. Scotland have their only Parliament buildings, London has the ”Eye” and a ”Gherkin”. Come on we can do better. Boundaries have to be pushed, else wallow forever in mediocrity!

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