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Airport terminal

Heading for the High Court if not Strasbourg

Of the 6 National Government funded projects only an incomplete Luas has proceeded to completion, the Abbey is mired in a Beckett style malais, the incinerator is being actively blocked by the Tanaiste, the Digital Hub has become a property regeneration project entirely controlled by 2 private companies albeit welcome regeneration, the Bertie Bowl is dead and Dublin Airport is about as efficient as the Zimbabwean government ; of the local authority projects undertaken by DCC 3 have completed all years late and the other is yet to complete with no explanation for the slippage offered but this observer suspects it is because National Government was late delivering their slice of the funding; of the DDDA projects the National conference centre is years late and a completion date for the U2 Tower is anyones guess if ever. The GAA are the only people who have kept to their timetable from this list.

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