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An enjoyable and insightful night – the ‘usual crowd’ gathered šŸ™‚
A great pity it didn’t go on for longer – I think most people were surprised at how short the Chaos debate was.

McDonald’s and Nix’s upcoming publication seems to be the tin opener for another can of worms, which hopefully will spark media and wider public interest.
The utter frustration of the two speakers was surprisingly evident at times for experienced-in-their-fields people – McDonald shaking his head in his hands quite a few times at points being made šŸ™‚

Debates like this are crucial in raising planning in the public’s consciousness, which is why it was a pity it was limited in scope and time – the very elements that ought to have set the event apart from television and radio debate.

Excellently produced though in one of the stunningly restored ‘Pink Pair’ on the Green (and what a fantastic opportunity to have a good nose about :D). The crown glass shimmering in the sashes behind the stage was quite a distraction šŸ™‚

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