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Paul Clerkin

Description of works

The line leaves the up rails of the Great Southern and Company at King’s Bridge Station, passes through the side underground of their station building under the office, continues under the South Quays, until it passes Essex, when it immediately commences to rise and gains the surface Metal Bridge by one in forty gradient. In order to rise it takes water at Essex Bridge and for that purpose narrows the river there first building an inside parapet wall shutting out the water so that will be constructed and rise between the two walls, and in the same it descends from the Central Station at the eastern side. From the side of Central Station the line will be forked viz: A line descending I in 40 under the South Quays and Westmoreland/ street and rising to Kingstown line a little below Westland row Station by 1 in 40 and thus the traffic from Westland row down will cross the proposed traffic up. A line descending I in 40 under the North Quays and Sackville street, and rising I in 40 to join the Dublin and Drogheda line running through Amiens street station.

The traffic is then to be carried over the Drogheda line as far as Canal Bridge, from which point a branch is to be made to the premises of the London and North Western Company, and also to the extreme end of the North Wall, passing over the authorised line of the Dublin Port and City Company, and taking the ground there over which that company have parliamentary powers and where they commenced their works which were suspended during the commercial monetary crisis of 1866. Approaching the North Wall a junction is also proposed to be made with the Liffey branch of the Midland Great Western Railway, over which and back over the Dublin and Drogheda Company’s line it is proposed to enable the traffic of that line to reach the Central Station.

The Central Station is to be constructed on iron girders which are to span the River Liffey between Carlisle and Essex Bridges. which is to be covered in from bridge to bridge, on which this structure is to be erected. The property between Merchants Quay and Essex Bridge, as well as that on Bachelor’s walk is referenced to be purchased for the purpose of the works .

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