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@alonso wrote:

……..all points to a complete shambles of a Local Authority. ……underfunded understaffed executive dare not even attempt to do the right thing.

Alonso sums it up quite well. However, I do not agree with his <> Much of what the staff – particularly road engineers – has done is just as shambolic and they must have trained in East Germany before the Wall came down. As for the planning officials, just look at Dalkey’s “Art Gallery” – a world first, the only public gallery closed to the public.

Just because a building has a good design does not mean it will “fit in” or be appropriate to its environment. PVCK’s points on the Carlisle Pier competition are valid BUT it was held before the locals were even considered let alone consulted on what was wanted or what would work. The vast majority of the denizens of DL are neither rich nor famous and most value what is in their area; retired or otherwise thankfully they can be vocal about it.. It also seems bizarre that DLRCC sought to develop the CP project when one of the seafront yacht clubs continues to have planning problems for a small extension.
Incidentally, Mr. Hewson may be a resident but he has/had his own problems with planning, as did Mr. Edge with a proposed extension on his house (refused, so he just moved house.)
I’ll have to get Jackie Healy-Rae to come up with me one day to give DLRCoCos a lecture on the planning process and what locals want 😉

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