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This was the Heneghan Peng winning competition entry.

I am disapointed by this for three reasons:

1. The winning entry was an excellent design and unlike two of its rivals was not a cut and paste
2. It proved the quality of domestic talent can live with International celebrity practices
3. This will put off International entries to future competitions in Ireland

It would have proved that the scheme would have worked in Dun Laoghaire as the site was set approximately 3-4 stories below the level of the coast road and this level is again a full 2-3 stories below that of the Victorian Terraces that needed to be considered in the baths scheme. With the Stena HSS you have a virtual 6-7 story building in situ intermitantly all day everyday anyway.

A pity and a missed opportunity to put in it formidable flagship marine project

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