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Dublin City Councillors are tonight considering whether to debate a section 183 motion regarding the Carlton cinema site.
From yesterday’s Sunday Business Post:

By Neil Callanan

The Save No 16 Moore Street campaigners have asked the members of Dublin City Council to suspend standing orders at tomorrow night’s council meeting in order to debate the agreement drawn up between council management and developer Joe O’Reilly regarding the Millennium Mall site on O’Connell Street.

Dublin City Council has a legal agreement with O’Reilly that it will not implement the compulsory purchase order (CPO) on the Millennium Mall site if he purchases all of it and develops it in line with the O’Connell Street integrated area plan. If the proposal is allowed to be debated, councillors will use Section 183 of the Local Government Act 2001, which deals with any proposed disposal of land by a local authority, to debate the agreement.

The campaigners have already sent notices to councillors to comply with the legislative requirement that at the first meeting held “10 days after the day on which such notices are sent or delivered, the local authority may resolve that the disposal shall not be carried out or that it shall be carried out in accordance with terms specified in the resolution”.

The legislation states that if the council decides that land should not be sold then “the disposal shall not be carried out”.

The campaigners want the local authority to comply with its original plan to advertise the site for sale on the basis of an open tender. They also want 16 Moore Street to be turned into a museum. Architect Paul Clinton, who owns much of the site and is currently challenging the CPO, has drawn up plans that would see the existing building converted and the houses on either side providing exhibition and cafe facilities.

The campaigners are upset that O’Reilly’s submission on the future of the building said that commemorating the retreat and surrender of republican leaders could be thought “excessively morbid or ‘martyrological’.”

The campaigners’ move is hugely significant as at a briefing to councillors in May, management told them that the legal agreement with O’Reilly would not have any effect until adopted by the councillors under a 183 motion.

The Save No 16 Moore Street campaigners point out that in the county development plan it is an objective of the council to preserve the property as a commemorative centre marking the events of Easter 1916. They also point out that it is the policy of the council to seek the conversion of the building “into a museum which will be owned, run and administered by Dublin City Council”. The key point in that statement, the campaigners say, is that the building remain in the ownership of the city council rather than be sold on to O’Reilly.

Dublin City Council wants a substantial retail, commercial and residential development built on the Carlton cinema site in accordance with the city’s development plan.

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