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So is a search engine.

To be honest this whole story is a joke. The buildings are in bits and are a disgrace. I bumped into a group called a few weeks back who told me that they had a lease on the building from CL and were now seeking funding (as ever) to realise a museum. Lots of slick branding and flat Dublin accents (a la trade unionists) telling me about the value of the building to the city and the State. However when I asked the quite logical question as to why a group that cared so much and held a lease couldn’t even be bothered to clean up the front (and I mean just remove raggy bunting and that all that shit plastic signage), he couldn’t even humour me with an intelligent response…..oh look there’s some I know over there far far away from you.

Perhaps there is a great story to tell here but the problem is interminable and intractable and the building is a bloody disgrace (like its host street). Aul Dublin….its with O’Leary in the grave.

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