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I would agree with Stephens sentiments it is disapointing that this project is not moving faster but would whilst being in complete agreement with the vital importance of the retention of no.42 as the last survivor of the streets greatest period, not share the pessimism that it will suffer any further damage; the sooner that Main Street gets filled in the better. The letter from JCH is however disapointing; this property should never have been made a National Monument in the first place as it is firstly unclear that this is the actual property where the historical footnote occurred; secondly none of the buildings are of any architectural merit and their context was destroyed by the ILAC centre pushed through by DCC in an era when it was deemed ok to demolish entire streets that today would be designated ACA to create more road space.

Thirdly in the absence of historical or architectural justification the developement which after being held to ransom by the acquisition of a single pub which was then used as a party wall issue blocker for many many years; then sees the project made to build around a couple of non-descript buildings making delivery of essential retail requirements such as an underground service deck extremely problematic.

The sooner that the letting agents can get more pre-lets done the sooner the City can move on from a gap toothed Main Street.

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