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Paul Clerkin

Partial demolition of 1916 buildings

Madam, – For some time concerned relatives of the 1916 leaders and others have been calling for State intervention to ensure the 1916 National Monument on Moore Street is preserved and protected in its entirety. That Dublin City Council officials are party to the destruction of its surrounding buildings (Home News, January 5th) is truly astonishing.

These buildings adjoining the National Monument were singled out for special mention in the Shaffrey report on Moore Street, commissioned by the City Council, as being of historical importance. It was on foot of that report that numbers 14 to 17 Moore Street were declared listed buildings. Are the officials aware of their own reports, one wonders?

This disgraceful decision to demolish raises the following questions: 1. At what stage were these structures considered a danger to the public? 2. At whose behest was this demolition decided upon? 3. What steps were taken prior to demolition decision to warn members of the public of their dangerous condition? 4. Was any consideration given to the possibility of action other than demolition in order to render the buildings safe? 5. Are the important architectural elements of the building now in storage with a view to their reinstatement?

The city officials responsible for this drastic action are paid out of the public purse. The owner of the site and the National Monument is a Nama’d developer.

For how long more must we wait for the State to carry out its responsibility to ensure the monument is fully protected and the surrounding area developed only in keeping with its status? – Yours, etc,


The Save 16 Moore

Street Committee,

Pearse Street,

Dublin 2.

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