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Its a real mess. Is this whole development site being actively managed while we await the development?Its doesn’t appear so. Even something as simple as the site notices which were plastered on every building during the planning process remain in place. The terrace along Henry Street, some of which are set for demolition (or are they? I lost track of the changes) are in terribly poor condition and have a consequent impact on the quality of the prime retail pitch. Further up O’C Street the former Royal Dublin Hotel development seems to have stopped. The big worry here is No 42, a hugely important townhouse which is half way in the process of restoration.

I never really bought into the whole National Monument status for these buildings on Moore Street. They are very poor quality in my view. The historic group advocating their protection are certainly very vocal but I’m still not convinced.

However, I really abhor this slow slide towards dereliction for large sites in the city. It is so retrograde.

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