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An ACA is not a designation for a building. It stands for Architectural Conservation Area. Protected Structure status applies to single buildings. ACA does not mean things can’t get changed, they just have to do so in a responsible manner (in theory anyway)

3.10.2 Where it is proposed to demolish a structure that
contributes to the character of an ACA or to
demolish behind a retained façade, the onus should
be on the applicant to make the case for
demolition. The planning authority should consider
the effect both on the character of the area and on
any adjacent protected structures. When it is
proposed to demolish an undistinguished building
in an ACA, the proposed replacement should not be
of lesser quality or interest than the existing one
and should not adversely affect the character of the

The applicant and the planning authority should
consider the material effect that that proposed
demolition may have on the character of the ACA:

a) Does the structure (or part of the structure) to
be demolished contribute to the character of
the area?

b) What effect would removal of the structure have
on the setting of other structures in the area, the
balance of an architectural composition or the
setting of any adjacent protected structures?,2204,en.pdf

so in the case of OC st, do Quirkeys and FCC contribute anything to the ACA status of the street? If not then demolish away. You have to ask yourself WHY does OCS have ACA status? What are it’s attrubutes? and how would demolition affect that? I would offer that the relation between width of the street and the building heights is a key attribute, the early 20th century rebuilds, the GPO itself, the statues and monuments, the Gate/Ambassador, the Bridge etc etc – none of which will be adversely affected by demolishing these buildings

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