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Okay, so a little back-tracking is in order here. Information I received from a well-informed source turns out to be not so much incorrect, as incorrectly placed. I hadn’t a chance to follow it up in the meantime. Slap on the hand for taking architects at face value…

This person’s surprise upon happening ‘original interiors’ behind the Dublin Bus facade on reflection must relate to the neighbouring house with Victorian facade at No. 60, which interconnects, and makes a heck of a lot more sense. Certainly the ground floor has an historic interior. What made the initial story credible is that the gable walls of the original townhouse on the site of the modern Dublin Bus building do appear to survive behind the giant proscenium arch of stone cladding. What made me so surprised to think that interiors still existed is that a) this would surely be common knowledge, and b) this plot was occupied by one of the largest mansions on Sackville Mall, the interiors of which, had they survived, would surely be of some significance.

So no mystery townhouse alas – unless someone can tell us otherwise?

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