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QUOTE : Ward Anderson had been maintaining talks with CCC about seeking planning permission on a redevelopment of the site – which they then would sell with F.P.P. ~ however Mr. Costello’s persistence evidently paid off. Although I was aware that the deal had been struck, I was unaware until last night that planning would be sought so soon. And yes, planning is being sought.

With regards to the long- awaited development at the Capitol Cinplex , the sale of the Capitol to Mr. John Costello and co. is ALL subject to planning granted to WardAnderson by CCC..I have been speaking to a senior partner in WardAnderson over the weekend and have been informed that they expect to get “MANY” objections for various reasons that will delay the whole process considerably. Same ‘ol Same ‘ol no doubt. Ive no doubt that there will be a few suprises yet with this site ! :rolleyes: Also, another Cinema planned in the city centre maybe . !!? 😉 Will know more soon.


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